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Conference programme 13 November 2009

Burcu Akyol

Graham Stanley

Karenne Sylvester

Shelly Terrell



Peter Travis

Moderation: Holly Longstroth


PANEL DISCUSSION: "Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere." - Chinese Proverb

Fri 13 November 2009, 7am GMT (World time)

This panel is all about Twitter

Panelists (in alphabetical order):
Burcu Akyol, Turkey
Graham Stanley, British Council
Karenne Sylvester, Kalinago English
Shelly Terrell, Teacher Reboot Camp
Peter Travis,

Moderation: Holly Longstroth

About Burcu Akyol
Burcu Akyol has been teaching English for ten years. She is currently the coordinator of the foreign languages department of ISTEK Schools in Istanbul, Turkey, with responsibility for training and development programmes. In the last three years, she has focused on using web technologies in the language classroom. She blogs at

About Graham Stanley
Graham Stanley spends half of his working life as a teacher of English at the British Council Young Learner Centre in Barcelona, Spain and the other half as Project Manager of the British Council's Learn English Second Life project. This involves managing a 3D self-access centre for 13-17 year-olds for the British Council and working with the other partners of the AVALON project, which aims to develop best practice through language learning scenarios for adults in Second Life.

About Karenne Sylvester
Karenne is a certified TESOL trainer of English and currently works as a freelancer in Stuttgart, Germany.  She is sole proprietor of Kalinago English.  At the moment she is working with students in the financial/banking, energy, engineering and IT sectors. She is the author of SimplyConversations™ and also presents teacher training workshops on using technology in the classroom.  Karenne recently completed a course to become an intercultural trainer through LTS.

About Shelly Terrell
Shelly is an educational technology blogger (Teacher Reboot Camp), technology trainer, and English language teacher living in Germany who enjoys working on global educational projects. She has worked with young language learners for 5 years in the US and in Germany.

About Peter Travis
Flo-Joe was formed in 2000 by Fiona Joseph and Peter Travis, two former English lecturers and textbook writers who, as teachers, had been frustrated by the lack of flexible yet authoritative online self-study resources for Cambridge exam candidates. We started from the belief that learning outside the classroom is just as important for exam success as learning in the classroom. Now in our seventh year, our award-winning online resources are used by individuals, and in schools, libraries, learning centres and training departments all over the world.

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Angelika Güttl-Strahlhofer


DaF Community (German presentation with English translation)

Fri 12 November 2009, 10am GMT (World Time)

Lernen Sie die, seit über 3 Jahren aktive DaF Community kennen. Sie besteht aus DaF-Lehrenden aus ganz Europa und darüber hinaus und trifft sich um:

  • Erfahrungen auszutauschen
  • selbst Erfahrungen für den (kreativen) Einsatz von Live-Online im
    Sprachunterricht zu machen
  • sich über Web 2.0-Anwendungen und den Einsatz im Unterricht weiterzubilden
  • Deutsch mit Muttersprachlern zu sprechen
  • gemeinsam Spaß zu haben

Get to know the DaF-Community that has been offering weekly meetings since 2006. The community consists of teachers from all over Europa who meet regularly in order to

  • exchange experiences about teaching
  • become acquainted to the use of live online in language teaching (in a creative way)
  • to learn more about web 2.0 tools and their usage during lessons
  • to speak German with Native speakers
  • have fun together
More information for free participation of the live online meetings (which are held in German)

Biographie Frau Magister Angelika Güttl-Strahlhofer

Mag. Angelika Güttl-Strahlhofer arbeitet seit fast 10 Jahren im Internet-Bereich. Begonnen hat sie damit, im ersten „E-Commerce“-Hype Webseiten zu verkaufen, hat dann als wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin einer österreichischen Fachhochschule die ersten E-Learning-Seminare durchgeführt und ist seit 2003 selbständige Beraterin und (Online)-Seminarleiterin mit dem Schwerpunkt Einsatz von Internettechnologien für das Arbeiten und Lernen/Lehren. Gemeinsam mit Kollegen(; betreibt sie die „DaF-Community“, ist eine leidenschaftliche Nutzerin von Web 2.0-Anwendungen und verbringt viel Zeit in den Weiten des Internet ;-)

About Angelika Güttl-Strahlhofer
Angelika Güttl-Strahlhofer has been working in the area of the internet for nearly 10 years. She started to sell websites during the first „e-commerce hype“, offered the first blended learning-seminars while being in the academic staff of an Austria University of Applied Science (FH) an has been working as a self employed consultant and (online) trainer focussing on internet applications for working and teaching/learning. Together with colleagues (; she has initiated and moderates the „DaF-Community“, is an addicted user of web 2.0 applications and spends a lot of time in the depth of the internet ;-.)

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Hajnalka Beck

Sprachenunterricht im Second Life (German Second Life presentation with English translation)

Fri 13 November 2009, 10am GMT (World Time)

Die dreidimensionale virtuelle Welt, das Second Life (SL), oder auf Deutsch das „Zweite Leben”, ist auf den ersten Blick nur ein gewöhnliches Computerspiel, das einen gefangen hält, von der realen Welt entfremdet und abhängig macht. Schaut man aber genauer hin, merkt man, dass SL viel mehr ist, als ein Spielfeld. SL ist eine komplexe Kommunikations- und Interaktionsplattform, die zahlreiche Unterrichtsszenarien verwirklichen lässt, die beim traditionellen Sprachunterricht gar nicht, und im "herkömmlichen" live-online Unterricht wie z.B. in einem virtuellen Klassenzimmer nur bedingt realisierbar sind. Der Vortrag gibt einen Überblick darüber, welche Lernszenarien im Second Life zu verwirklichen sind.

Über Hajnalka Beck
Hajnalka Beck ist seit 2008 als Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft und Lehrbeauftragte an der Universität Göttingen in der Abteilung Interkulturelle Germanistik und im Lektorat Deutsch als Fremdsprache sowie als Wissenschaftlich Beirätin des Projekts IDIAL tätig. Sie hat Germanistik an der Pädagogischen Hochschule Karoly Eszterhazy in Eger (Ungarn) sowie Germanistik und Slawistik an der Universität Göttingen studiert. 2007 hat sie die Zusatzqualifikation Deutsch als Fremdsprache erworben und 2008 eine Ausbildung zum zertifizierten „Live-Online Trainer“ abgeschlossen. Mit live-online Fremdsprachenunterricht beschäftigt sie sich seit 2005, sie hat in der Zeit 2006 - 2007 zusammen mit einer ungarischen Firma zu diesem Zweck eine Lernplattform entwickelt. Im Second Life unterrichtet sie seit 2007.

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Valentina Dodge

Emma Watson

Using English360 to Create Personalized Web-enhanced Learning

Fri 13 November 2009, 10:30am GMT (World Time)

Using English360 to create Personalized web-enhanced learning - free authoring tools for learner-centred Business English teaching.

About Valentina Dodge
Valentina Dodge is Teacher Community Coordinator for English360 – a free web-based platform for teachers. She helps educators provide personalised Business English learning programmes to meet their student and customer needs. She collaborates with and supports Business English language teachers all over the world to help them publish and share lesson and courses for blended or online delivery. She organizes training sessions and support forums on instructional design and blended course organization to allow educators to combine their own materials and lesson plans with high quality course material from Cambridge University Press.

About Emma Watson
Emma has been teaching general and business English, and ESP, since 1993, and holds a Trinity Diploma in ESOL. She is also a qualified teacher of French, Spanish and Italian. Additionally, she has worked in publishing, editing and proof-reading magazines and reports on the computer industry in Europe, French and Spanish AS-Level text books and related interactive activities. She is thrilled to be working with the English360 team; having personally scoured the Net and adapted myriad resources to meet her own teaching requirements, she sees the advent of English360 as very timely, enabling teachers to personalise courses to cater for specific students’ needs, whilst embracing the benefits offered by technology. Her role at English360 involves proof-reading, editing copy, and re-purposing activities for blended learning.

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Ben Palmer


Thu 13 November 2009, 11am GMT (World Time)

OURlesson is a straightforward system for capturing lessons, meetings and presentations, as well as their content, using a local screen and video recording application, and then automatically publishing those sessions to a secure website for anytime, anywhere access to authorised users. It has been designed to provide any teacher with the means to capture their lessons and upload them to the internet effortlessly and without having to worry about the technology, so that their students can use the recordings as a resource to learn and revise from.

OURlesson’s key features are its incredible ease and speed of use, its flexibility, scalability and the fact that we host and manage the content, thus minimising the burden on a school’s IT and support systems. The recordings are captured in dual-screen and can be accessed through any standard internet browser.

About Ben Palmer
Ben Palmer is the Business Development Manager for OURlesson. His role is to engage with potential customers and partners, as well as educators, students, developers and learning enthusiasts to promote OURlesson and to find out how we can best develop OURlesson to have the greatest benefit for the schools, educators and learners that will use it.

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Anthony Green

VOICEbook - collaborative L2 listening

Fri 13 November 2009, 11:20am GMT (World Time)

Half a million people in the world now understand English better thanks to VOICEbooks, one of the best-selling multimedia language-learning applications of all time.

The VOICEbook Player is a media player designed for foreign language learners. Working preferably in pairs, learners listen and write in what they heard, as in the age-old task of dictation. The Player then provides instant feedback using fuzzy logic, indicating what is right or partially right. Instead of a clearly-enunciated audio source used for assessing spelling (classic dictation), the VOICEbook source audio is purely authentic, since at all levels from beginner to C2 authentic audio presents a huge number of issues for language learners, and is the skill over which they have the least control. Come and be a language learner with listening problems, and see how the VOICEbook Player can resolve them for you!

About Anthony Green
Anthony Green has been teaching Scientific English at Bari University in Italy for the last 20 years and is the editor of the VOICEbook series of interactive listening materials, which he will be presenting on Friday, giving participants the chance to use the VOICEbook Player software during the session.

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Kenny Christian


Thu 13 November 2009, 11:40am GMT (World Time)

With more than 150 freelance networks online, English Profi is the only site tailored to the unique needs of all the major English language services providers. We are committed to ensuring professional English language service providers don't get washed out in vast freelance networks. We recognize that English language services are a critical niche market for global competitiveness and business success. As our language services community grows, so does our ability to leverage advertising and marketing to your benefit. This short presentation will outline how we strive to imporve your freelance business.

About Kenny Christian
Kenny Christian founded English Profi last year. He is a medical device engineer from southern California who moved to Germany and started teaching English as a freelancer. The struggles for freelancers were quickly apparent and became the fertile ground for English Profi. For a more detailed history see his linked in profile
View Kenny Christian's profile on LinkedIn

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Stephen Jones

Lukáš Paleček

Monica Thomas

Moderation: Kirsten Winkler

PANEL DISCUSSION: "Imagination is more importent than knowledge" Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Fri 13 November 2009, 1pm GMT (World Time)

The "start-up" panel on how to build an online teaching business

Panelists (in alphabetical order)
Stephen Jones,
Lukas Palecek, CEO of
Monica Thomas, Ad_Lib Language School in the UK
Moderation: Kirsten Winkler

About Stephen Jones

About Lukáš Paleček
Lukas, 27, is the head of the Czech based online school. Having finished the Anglo American University in Prague he went through the first LANCELOT course in 2007 and started teaching online. In 2008 he set up WebSchool s.r.o. and started work on the projects of the WebSchol Group. A series of the web-based school's projects are about to be launched in the coming months. Through WebSchool s.r.o. Lukas now represents Spreed virtual clasroom and the Fronter learning platform in CZ and SK. He is also heading to his Msc in E-learning in 2010.

About Monica Thomas
Monica Thomas is the director of online English language schools Ad_Lib English and Ad_Lib Business. The company came to existence in September 2008. Initially, its services were directed at the Polish community in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. In July 2009, Ad_Lib English opened up to the world accepting students from countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia and the Russian Federation. With over 1,200 registered users, we believe that Ad_Lib English is at the beginning of a difficult but exciting journey.

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Philip Gienandt 

Lingua TV

Fri 13 November 2009, 4pm GMT (World Time)

With changing media consumption and the increasing need for an efficiant work environment, today's vocational training needs to integrate new technologies and flexible models of teaching and learning. In order to keep up with these changes and to improve qualification in language teaching, Lingua TV has combined proven teaching methods with new technology and professional audio-visual learning content such as authentic scenses and modular video lectures.
Although designed as an online self-study course, LinguaTV offers learning content which is an ideal supplement to traditional classrooms and helps to shap ethe future presence training, ccreating a blended learning environment with many beenfits to teachers and learners. The presentation will show the practical usage of selected proven teaching methods such as the "Audio Visual Method", "Immersive Learning", "Social Learning" and "Game Based Learning" and its application to teaching languages online with a reflection of its strengths and limitations.

About Philip Gienandt

Philip Gienandt is managing director of LinguaTV in Berlin, a producer of online video lecutres and other interactive elearning content for modern language learning and intercultural training. Prior to co-founding LinguTV, Philip successfullyl built up businesses in online entertainment and worked in several managerial positions in the international business nad intercultural affairs in Germany, France and USA. He holds a diplome in International Management Science from University of Mannheim/Germany and received his MBA from City University of New York/ USA. LinguaTV received the World Summit Award 2009 for the world's best eContent in the category "elearning and education".

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David Kertzner

Student generated e-content for corporate settings

Fri 13 November 2009, 4:30pm GMT (World Time)

What makes Web-based technology effective in blended learning models used in ESL classrooms? Workshop participants will experience a Web tool often used in corporate settings featuring audio upload of student recordings and discuss teaching strategies for providing meaningful feedback.

The presenter will share examples of students’ speaking activities in conference call training activities that are coordinated with classroom learning activities facilitated by an onsite teacher.

About David Kertzner
David Kertzner, founder of ProActive English, designs and delivers customized on-site English language and communication training in corporate settings. ProActive English training includes a blended learning model featuring the Business English Web, a scalable, asynchronous, multi-media e-learning tool developed by Mr. Kertzner.

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Mauricio Buchler

LiVE Learning in a Virtual Environment

Fri 13 November 2009, 5pm (World Time)

LiVE is an acronym for Learning in a Virtual Environment. It is a role-playing game designed to teach English as the player progresses through - and learns about – Sydney, Australia. It works as a tool for ESL facilitators worldwide, by promoting independent learning through the use of a storyline, supported by wikis and websites. The presentation will deal with how to use and download this free, innovative tool.

About Mauricio Buchler
Mauricio Buchler has been teaching all levels of EAP and general English, for 18 years, both in Australia and Brazil. Mauricio has been integrating English teaching with technology for the past 6 years, done 4 presentations for English Australia on “tech-teaching”, and has developed the prototype of an online English teaching game. He is co-founder of nifty, a social network for tech-oriented English teachers, and is currently responsible for a pathway course at Think Education Group.

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Graham Davies

Ton Koenraad

Duane Sider

Vance Stevens

VIRTUAL PANEL DISCUSSION: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

Fri 13 November 2009, 7pm GMT (World Time)

Closing panel with 4 panelists who combine a total of more than a century of experience in language learning with technology.

Panelists (in alphabetical order):
Graham Davies
Ton Koenraad
Duane Sider
Vance Stevens

About Duane Sider
Duane Sider, Director of Learning for Rosetta Stone Inc., is passionate about changing the way the world views language learning. In his role, Duane has introduced Rosetta Stone® solutions and the joy of the language-learning journey to a variety of audiences through numerous speaking engagements worldwide. Additionally, Duane has authored a number of articles and papers on immersion methodology in second-language acquisition. Duane joined the company's international operations in 1997, became director of learning in 2003, directing domestic and international training programs, and assumed his current responsibilities in 2008. Prior to joining Rosetta Stone, he taught literature, philosophy and aesthetics at the university level for 14 years. Throughout his career, Duane has traveled, performed and taught extensively throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, promoting international communication and advocating new technologies in education. Duane holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from Messiah College and a Master of Arts degree in the English literature from the Univesity of Virginia. He has written two plays, a collection of poetry and manages a theater company in Virginia.

About Vance Stevens
Vance Stevens teaches computing at Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi. After 20 years as lecturer in English language, doubling as CALL specialist and coordinator, he worked 2 years in ESL software development in California, then returned to the Middle East as educational technology consultant and CALL coordinator for a language institute in Abu Dhabi. There he founded the online community Webheads,, resulting in involvement in many community-based online professional development endeavors which have formed the basis of his professional development life this past decade. There's more about Vance at, and he blogs at

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Burcu Akyol

Sean Banville

Neal Chambers

Marisa Constantinides

V Anitha Devi

Joel Johnson

Shelly Terrell

Berni Wall

Maeshelle West-Davies

Pecha Kucha Night @ Virtual Round Table conference

Fri 13 November 2009, 9:30pm GMT (World Time)

A Pecha Kucha is a speedy presentation technique which originated 2003 in Japan and has since taken on a world-tour and todate Pecha Kucha nights are taking place regularily in 250+ cities around the world.

What is still relatively new though is to hold Pecha Kuchas live online in a virtual classroom. Kudos to all presenters who had the courage to do so and you will agree, that the recordings of these presentations were worth all the effort.

Pecha Kucha presenters (in alphabetical order)

About Burcu Akyol
Burcu Akyol has been teaching English for ten years. She is currently the coordinator of the foreign languages department of ISTEK Schools in Istanbul, Turkey, with responsibility for training and development programmes. In the last three years, she has focused on using web technologies in the language classroom. She blogs at

About Sean Banville
Sean is webmaster of sites including and He has a Master's degree in TEFL/TESL from Birmingham University. He spent 13 years teaching in Japan and relocated to the UAE in 2006. He recently became an enthusiastic Tweeter and is gearing up to enter the world of blogging.

About Neal Chambers
Neal Chambers writes a grammar series on Recently, he has become a strong advocate for the use of Twitter for professional networking and resource sharing. He has earned his CELTA and has spent over 5 years teaching English in Japan.

About Marisa Constantinides
Marisa Constantinides is a teacher, teacher educator, ELT author and blogger. She is Director of Studies of CELT, a teacher education centre in Athens Greece offering Cambridge CELTA and DELTA courses to teachers from Greece and many other countries. Her topic today is inspired by her work with free classes of adult refugee beginners from countries such as Iran, Afghanistan who are trying to learn English as a passport to some day finding work in the English speaking world.

About V. Anitha Devi (pre-recorded Presto 10x20 presentation)
Dr. V.Anitha Devi is an Assistant Professor Sr. of English at VIT University, India. She has been involved in the development of the Language Laboratory at the University and in training teachers to use technology. Her research interests include teaching using Web 2.0 and preparing CALL materials. The presentation is recorded because it would have been at 1am her time in India and if it wasn't for her baby, she would have delivered this live.

About Joel Josephson (pre-recorded 13x20 presentation)
Joel Johnson is involved in 14 EU funded education projects, mainly in the area of technology and languages. Apart from initiating some of the ideas for the projects he is the expert in carrying out Internet dissemination and communications. Joel is a retained expert by the EU for dissemination and has done work for a number of other educational institutions in this area.

About Shelly Terrell
Shelly is an educational technology blogger, technology trainer, and English language teacher living in Germany who enjoys working on global educational projects. She has worked with young language learners for 5 years in the US and in Germany.

*** CLICK HERE for the 6min 40sec recording ***
Please note that this Pecha Kucha will be recorded again due to technical problems, coming soon.

About Berni Wall
Berni heads up RLI specializing in total immersion English courses and 1:1 language training. She is also behind Gapfillers a website for advanced learners of English. 30+ years experience as an English language teacher at all levels with 11 years in Indonesia. Degree in English and Music, DELTA and an MBA from Bradford University Management Centre.

About Maeshelle West-Davies
Maeshelle West-Davies (US, UK, DE) gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums. A year ago she founded the so social club and started the so social e mini mag thus adding layers to the multi-cultural nature of the city she lives in and helping to give the world more of a sense of community.

About Heike Philp

Heike Philp is founder and managing director of LANCELOT School GmbH, an accredited training center for language trainers in the use of virtual classroom technology. Her background has been in education for more than 20 years and several years of teaching German in Japan and the UK. Her passion for real-time internet communication technology led her to co-initiate two EU funded projects, LANCELOT about language learning in virtual classrooms (LANguage Learning with CErtified Live Online Teachers) and AVALON which is ongoing and explores the use of virtual worlds for practising the lagnuage (Access to Virtual and Action Learning Live ONline).LANCELOT School is the host of this Virtual Round Table Conference.

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