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Summary 4th Virtual Round Table Conference 2011, 25-27 March 2011

Over a period of 3 days, the 4th Virtual Round Table conference on language learning technologies saw yet another record number of participants.

  • 552 unique visitors in Adobe ConnectPro
  • 111 unique avatars in Second Life
  • 54 panelists, presenters and guest-speakers in 38 sessions
  • 4 panel discussions about ELTons, mLearning, the aPLaNET EU funded project and EVO Sessions
  • a virtual classroom strand (Adobe ConnectPro) and a virtual world strand (Second Life)
  • 12 presentations
  • 12 workshops
  • 4 tours in Second Life
  • a Pecha Kucha night
  • an Open Mic session
  • a party in Second Life
  • 1340 signed up on this conference site

For a complete program click HERE.

Now with the official Virtual Round Table song with Sue Lyon-Jones's magical voice, lyrics by Heike Philp and artwork by Shelly Terrell. YouTube

All of the recordings have been published. Here they are...

  1. Welcome Adress with Heike, Shelly and Berni
  2. PANEL 'ELTons celebrating innovation' with Lindsay Clanfield, Nicky Hockly, David Warr, Marcos Benavides, Philip Gienandt and Charles Goodger
  3. Lingua TV with Philip Gienandt
  4. Second Life presentation 'Beyond Simulation & Role play' with Shiv Rajendran [Kingsbury Yeats]
  5. ESL Library with Tara Benwell
  6. Machu Picchu Tour with Amparo Cervantes [Amparo Delvalle]
  7. Second Life presentation 'EU funded AVATAR Project' with Inger-Marie Falgren Christensen [Inga Miles]
  8. The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators: How will you be inspired? with Shelly Terrell
  9. Trends in education 2.0 for 2011 with Kirsten Winkler
  10. English360 with Emma Watson and Mary Gillespie
  11. mLearning: an introduction with Gavin Dudeney and Nicky Hockly
  12. PANEL: mLearning with Ben Buckwold (Red River Press), Carol Rainbow, Brad Patterson (Edulang), Jeff Evans (Mindsnacks), Karenne-Joy Sylvester (Voxy), Berni Wall (Gapfillers) moderated by Shelly and Heike
  13. Pecha Kucha Night with Marisa Constantinides, Berni Wall, Ozge Karaoglu, Esra Girgin Akiskali and Shelly Terrell
  14. Designing CALL Introduction workshops – What has changed in the last 4 years? with Edith Paillat
  15. Second Life demo lesson 'Leçons de français à Arcachon' with Helen Meyers [Karelia Kondor] and Edith Paillat [Cyber Placebo]
  16. Storytelling in the Digital Era with Janet Bianchini
  17. Second Life presentation 'NANEC' with Dr. Doris Molero [Pionia Destiny]
  18. Little Tech for Big Result with Barbara Sakamoto
  19. Not Just a Pretty Cloud: Using Wordle in the Language Learning Classroom with David Dodgson
  20. Second Life workshop 'QR Codes in Teaching and Learning' by Chris Smith aka Shamblesguru [Shamblesguru Vroom]
  21. PANEL: aPLaNet The Power of PLNs Marisa Constantinides, Graham Stanley, Joel Josephson and Ann Forman, moderated by Cornelia Kreis-Meyer
  22. Second Life Tour 'Virtual World Best Practise in Education Conference' by Kae Novak [Kavon Zenovka]
  23. A Case Study using screencasting as a medium for feedback with Ed Russell
  24. Gapfiller with Berni Wall
  25. Poster Exhibition Tour in Second Life
  26. Language Bridge Technology - a New Approach to Learning EFL with Arkady Zilbermann
  27. Storytelling in ESL classroom with Faisal Ibrahim al Shamari
  28. Soundcloud for listening and writing practice with Tyson Seburn
  29. PANEL: EVO Session with Vance Stevens, Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, Evelyn Izquierdo, Sandra Rogers, Kalyan Chattopadhyay, Miguel Mendoza and Daniela Cuccurullo
  30. Open Mic Session with Marisa Constantinides, Shelly Terrell, and Party in Second Life
  31. Extend the boundaries of your classroom with Technology with Sue Lyon-Jones
  32. The New Blended - a Case Study with Hala EL-Khawanky
  33. Motivating Teens with Paul Braddock
  34. Introduction to Moodle with Kevin Westbrook
  35. Closing Session with Heike, Shelly and Berni

Many thanks to Marina and Vyara for their back-channel support, Marisa Constantinides and Cornelia Kreis-Meyer for moderating panels, Marc aka Marius Madrigal for recording Second Life events, Caliburn Susanto for the fabulous Second Life photos and our sponsors and donations to Japan.

The conference organisers

Heike Philp, let's talk online

Shelly Terrell, parentella

Berni Wall, gapfillers

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