Virtual Round Table Web Conference

To all Vicki Hollett experts,

During a virtual-round-table we will NOT be listening to a presentation
but engage in a learning conversation.

This is why we keep the virtual-round-table to a small group of experts
who are familiar with Vicki's works and who are using her books in class.

We would also like to collaboratively come up with 5 questions or more
which Vicki can then browse prior to the event so as to prepare herself
for in-depth questions.

What would you ask Vicki?

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Question 1: Do you have any other Business English textbooks coming out?
Time ago, there was a clear distinction between written and spoken English.

Today, engineers and business people face the demand of modern means of communication which
increases written English such as in email communication, Skype text chat, wikis, discussion forums etc.

Lots of verbal communication is now put in writing and people write often as they speak
when using Instant Messaging and they add emoticons and other non-verbal communication aids.

Has language changed because of it and would it be necessary to write a new book
about communicating in a business context?
Anne McKee asks:

Vicki, do you intend in the future to adapt your material so that it can be used on an interactive whiteboard or in a virtual classroom? At present, I use International Business Objectives in a virtual environment, my student has a copy of your book at the same time, but I have to prepare my own Powerpoint slides or exercises to compliment your book, it would be great if ready-made exercises were available.
It's nice to be called a VH expert. (Is flattery your technique for getting us to co-operate, Heike?)

I'd be very interested in "the Vicki Hollett story", particularly how you came to write BObjs and BOpps (my two all-time favourite Business English course books), and what you have been doing since then.

The best thing about BObjs and BOpps was (sorry to use past tense, but it's been a long time since I used them) the incredibly systematic and innovative grammar syllabus, which to my mind has never been matched in another BE coursebook that I know. But it took me about 2 years to discover it - there was next to nothing in the teacher's book or task rubrics to point out the 'hidden' purpose of most of the exercises. Was the grammar syllabus deliberately buried? Or did I just imagine the grammar syllabus?
Hi Jeremy,

(Is flattery your technique for getting us to co-operate, Heike?)

It certainly worked :-)

And what a great question you asked!

Great to have you join this learning conversation.

Rgds Heike
What decision process was involved in the update of Business Objectives to the International Edition?

Is there a percentage involved with bringing new material in, against keeping true and tested stuff?
Hi ya Vicki

Am really looking forward to 'meeting' you on Monday.

My question for you:

You've recently entered the blogosphere! Would you like to tell us a bit more about the decision to become a blogger and a little about where you see the direction of it going.

Do you enjoy the process - what has been most difficult or most interesting?

Many bloggers are also blogging with their students - although usually with young children and teenagers - have you had any thoughts on how a blogger could incorporate teaching business English and blogging with students?

Take care,
Hi Vicki,

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for joining us.

The overall feed-back has been very, very positive especially about your naturalness and approachableness, your curiosity to listen to those using your books and your charming personality.

We had participants from the Czech Republic, UK, Austria, Finland, Greece, Estland, France, Poland, Bulgaria and Germany.

Wonderful indeed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rgds Heike

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