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A great way of spreading the enthusiasm for educational technology, opening the eyes to possibilities lying online, letting novices mingle with experts, learning with and from each other. An outstanding example of sharing the best of the practice. Many thanks and hungry for more! - Ania, UK

virtual round table online conference delivered ideas from a broader field and into a vast catchment area. Providing those in locales with limited spring and sounding board opportunities the chance to engage live or at their leisure with the recorded sessions.- Unknown

A wonderful opportunity to meet up with other people trying to raise the bar when it comes to language learning and language teaching... and all from the comfort of my own home. I enjoyed giving my presentation immensely, despite the stress of using what was for me new technology. - Anthony, Italy

The recent Virtual Round Table conference resulted in a powerful exchange of ideas among accomplished peers that belied its comfortable, intimate ambience.  The Ning was well managed to present information needed by participants such as events and forums in an easily navigable format.  The events were carried off flawlessly using Adobe Connect, and the recordings make a substantial contribution to the burgeoning multiliterature on the field of language learning through technology.  The organizers are to be thanked and congratulated. - Vance, UAE

The 'Virtual Round Table Conference' was really inspiring for anyone who works in the online education field. The variety of the sessions and the quality of the speakers kept all participants engaged. The organization was impeccable! - Elisa, Italy

Such conferences give all the teachers and scientists throughout the world to exchange their experience, to make friends and to get acquainted with the different systems of education. I really appreciate the great work of the people who had prepared this conference and I'm looking forward to perttaking at the next such conference! - Serhiy, Ukraine

An excellent overview of the wide range of opportunities now available to teachers who really want to get into an online environment. The presenters and moderators struck a fine balance between providing interesting and informative content without overselling their concepts and services. - Brent, Germany

The Arabic demo class was very interesting. - I think that this kind of studying will be very common after some years. We can get teachers that kind of teachers we never can get in normal classrooms here in Finland.- Unknown

This was the kind of conference that help to facilitate the virtual ESL agenda for the future. - Unknown

The virtual round table is an amazing opportunity to meet and share ideas and opinions. It eliminates the geographical boundaries that sometimes plague EFL teachers. I had a great time presenting and participating. - Neal, Japan

A nice way to be a student again. We could chat and enjoy learning things. We spent some very nice moments sharing our understanding of our work, the questions we have and the ideas. A positive and highly enjoyable experience. - Dominique, France

I´ve spoken at many conferences and conducted workshops in the "real world", but the best response I´ve had is still from Virtual Roundtable. Let´s do it again! - Mauricio, Australia

Learning new languages transforms language barriers into bridges of understanding. This first Virtual Round Table represented perfectly this commitment to illuminating and entertaining discussion. - Duane, USA

It was an enriching event which offered insights and training to both newbies and long-time users. - Rita, Lebanon

I enjoy the flexibility timing and overall ease of online conferences and hope you can organize more of these soon! - Leslie, USA

The best thing about the Virtual Round Table Conference was the fact that at any given moment we had the chance to swap ideas with more than 40 people from around the world. This gave me the opportunity to put my own experience of teacher training and technological issues in ELT here in Brazil in perspective with colleagues around the world and this has subsequently led me to re-think a number of issues. It couldn't have been a more enriching experience. - Valéria, Brazil

To join such a conference, from the comfort of home, at times which suited me, was a delight. I made contact with others around the world who had interesting opinions and were happy to share them.
I would love to take part in another virtual conference. - Sue, USA

If this had been a "normal" conference, I'd never have been able to be there. It was a bit disorganised, but what isn't the first time? The speakers were well worth listening to, and I got a lot from it. I'll definitely be attending any future sessions, and will be encouraging all my colleagues and teacher trainees to be there too. - Sue, Italy

The online conference organized by Heike Philp was a great idea. She had put interesting international speakers together that have been working in the virtual worlds for years. I was able experience a real conference from the comfort of my home and while participating as a listener I could also work on my other projects. It was like an online radio show in which I was able to jump in and out, based on my need and interest. Very well done, Heike! - Eve, Austria

I consider the conference was well organized and the themes discussed were extremely interesting and thought-provoking.- Unknown

I love the technology that connects people from around the world. Let's do it oftener and invite more teachers. - Tatiana, Ukraine

Educators around the world are in need of resources and professional development opportunities from quality speakers. The Virtual Conference proved that this could be accomplished for free. I saw some of the best speakers that I had been wanting to see live but could not afford to go due to the traveling or costs. I was so excited to be able to watch these incredible individuals and ask them questions about their work. Thank you for the opportunity! - Shelly, Germany

Acquiring such talented presenters and panelists, yet having the content accessible and of interest to all-comers is an art. The balance of topics and depth of this conference and the quality of the many speakers showed the skill and confidence of the curator and her team. Anyone missing out on taking part in this conference would want to make sure that they kept the time clear when the next virtual round table conference is announced. Taking part live - it just makes sense! - Nigel, Australia

I felt totally blessed to be part of this conference, where I could see all my favorite methodologists and the most influential people on ELT. Conferences like this really conect people and create a network that benefit us all. I hope we can continue getting together and using technologies as a tool for better teaching and better learning. Thanks a lot! - Susana, Peru

It was a great pleasure to be part of this successful Conference. I was very delighted to be able to watch and listen to guest speakers who made this Virtual Event a special and unique one. I would especially thank the wonderful team of moderators who gave so much of their time and their capabilities to organize the conference. And the most exciting was the final unbelievable Pecha Kucha night with the Raffle which was sponsored by the fantastic world-wide known online educational companies like Digital Publishing, English 360, Oxford English Testing, RosettaStone, EnglishProfi, VoiceBook and others. Thank you all of you for the fantastic virtual event. - Nina, Finland

The people of Lancelot have done an amazing job pulling this off. The pioneering work of Lancelot and its partners will be written about in the history books of language education. I’m not joking. These people just blow my mind with their knowledge, passion, and dedication. They are just as excited about technology as they are about the fundamentals of language learning. The combination of both, drives them always to the cutting edge of our trade. - Stefan, US

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