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Finally. Blended learning your way. 
The open web platform for design and delivery of online and blended learning.
The only open platform with courses from a range of leading ELT publishers.
English360 prize for one VRT participant
A special "360" offer - access English360 for 3 months with  6 learners* at 0 cost.
3 months - 6 learners - 0 cost
* note: educator accounts are always free. is a unique video-based program that is perfect for computer lab classes or as homework. There are over 8,000 video clips from a wide variety of sources, such as TED Talks and Voice of America. Most of the videos are authentic, though there are also some "made for ESL" clips that are especially helpful for providing lower-level students with the comprehensible and basic input that they need in functional areas such as agreeing and disagreeing.

EnglishCentral aims to become the premier, web-based conversational English language learning destination for desktop and mobile users.

They focus on helping users with their spoken English, using proprietary speech recognition technology that “listens” to users’ speech and then scores that speech based on their pronunciation and syntax.  Teachers can set up classes and assign video lessons to students. Further, get full reports of student achievement and progress. Get more info ....

English Central is happy to provide teachers with a free one month 50-seat Premium trial. Click here to get your free trial.

Exam English
Provides free online practice tests for the most important ESL exams including IELTS, TOEFL and the Cambridge English main suite.
Exam English Mobile
More than 20 mobile apps containing practice tests are available to download for IOSAndroid and Blackberry devices.
Exam English is pleased to offer 5 VRT participants free download codes for an IOS app of their choosing. Apply here.

Gapfillers is an award-winning E-learning site designed for self-study and aimed at advanced learners of English.
With 5,000+ exercises all indexed according to topic or skill it is easy to find exercises to address those gaps
in language competence
 that need some attention.

Fill time-gaps too by accessing the site on your mobile phone or PDA.
Materials are authentic which makes Gapfillers ideal for preparation for higher level English exams or boosting your language for work.
Teachers: ready-made high-level exercises to assign for homework or use in the classroom on an interactive whiteboard or student computers.

  • Skills exercises
  • Community area
  • Interactive games and exercises

Gapfillers is pleased to offer 10 annual subscriptions each worth £50
Gapfillers -A place to hang out in English Professional
teacher development for teachers by teachers


The International Teacher Development Institute (iTDi) aims to support and empower teachers through a collaborative and engaging online community.


We bring together teaching professionals working at every level -- newcomers and veterans, native and non-native teachers from a wide range of contexts, but we all share a common belief that being a teacher means a never-ending commitment to growing and learning.


iTDi is pleased to offer a professional development opportunity to 10 in-service teachers interested in improving their classroom teaching through methodology and mentoring.

Teacher Development Course
The iTDi experience will change your teaching life. One of the most motivating things you can do for your students and for yourself is to continue to improve your classroom teaching skills. The Teacher Development (TD) course has exactly what teachers need: a focus on developing skills in the classroom guided by experts and a collaborative community of teachers to share ideas with. Lessons are written by methodology experts and veteran teachers Scott Thornbury, Adrian Doff and Steven Herder.

Value: Each lesson is worth 9€ / $12 US for a total of 90€ / $120 US

let's talk online sprl is a technology service provider
for language learning and events in real-time via the Internet. Our product
and services are...

  • Full-service webinar support including technical check-in, moderation, speaker training, online production, recording, post-production, publishing
  • Full-service Second Life event support including technical check-in, moderation, speaker training, online production, recording, post-production, publishing
  • Full-service web conferences support (as above)
  • Livestreaming and recording of web events
  • Online production service for simulcasts which is a local event streamed via internet
  • Technical support for the LANCELOT and AVALON certified courses and other live online courses
  • Hosting services in Second Life providing virtual estate

let's talk online sprl is pleased to offer a one day seminar in Second Life on how to create videos for language learning conversations.


This inworld workshop includes


  • story boarding and preparations for shootings
  • recording and camera control
  • post production and editing
  • publishing


Value: A one-day seminar in Second life is worth 130€ / $160 US


LinguaTV offers a series of professionally produced training videos, which show in authentic situations how native speakers use each particular language. With realistic dialogues the viewer can learn vocabulary which is above all relevant to real life, as well as the correct pronunciation. Participants can choose between the everyday scenes and interactive exercises such as quizzes, crosswords and many other learning games. The analysis of the individual’s learning level shows each user his own learning progress and gives special recommendations.

With this concept, LinguaTV has won a number of international prizes in a very short space of time: the Comenius EduMedia Award 2010 for its “outstanding educational multimedia product” and the World Summit Award 2009, awarded by the United Nations (UNESCO) for the worldwide best electronic content in the category “e-learning and education”. LinguaTV won this prize competing against 20,000 companies from across the globe. In addition, LinguaTV won the German Prize for Internet Television (IPTV Award 2008) and received the distinction “Highly Commended” from the 76-person jury of the European MEDEA Awards.

LinguaTV is pleased to offer....

Free 14-day access in order to test the complete Premium Account.

- Special offers for teachers to get access to all courses. Please contact us.

- Free placement tests with a recommendation for an appropriate language course.

- 10% discount on all Premium Accounts for your students.

To receive these offers, please visit . is an award-winning E-learning site designed for self-study and aimed at learners of English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. The innovative language training platform offers professionally produced training videos that show in authentic communication situations, how native speakers use the respective foreign language in a context. Realistic dialogues provide practical-relevant vocabulary, correct pronunciation and distinct cultural characteristics of communication. The audio-visual learning material is complemented by an extensive range of online learning tools, interactive exercises and games.

Lingorilla is pleased to offer you:

- FREE accounts for teachers

- Free placement tests with a recommendation for an appropriate language course

- Free 7-day access in order to test the complete Premium Account

- 10% discount on all Premium Accounts

To receive these offers, please visit .


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