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Virtual Room: foresee a 2nd chat for captioning from scratch?

Hi All,

I'm new here and attended the To text or not to text public debate by mistake: i.e. I thought I was getting into the Music and language learning round table. But the discussion on text and speech was very interesting - all the more interesting because Dr. Doris Molero, one of the panelists, had a connection issue that prevented her from getting the audio. This reinforced her point on the need to have both speech and text in language education, in order to cater for the different needs of each students: for some may be deaf, or stammer, or are very shy, text can be a means to participate in class.

So we texted in chat what was being said for Doris Molero, though she does not have any of these impediments/disabilities, but was being disabled by her connection speed. And that's the whole point of accessibility: you foresee from scratch, no matter if someone bodily/sensorily/cognitively disabled is scheduled to participate or not. You can get technologically disabled as happened to Doris Molero.

Now I was wondering:as  after a while, Heike Philip opened a second chat for real chatting, would it not be possible to do the opposite? i.e foresee from scratch a second chat for captioning?

Just an idea.

Thanks again for the stimulating discussion,


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