Virtual Round Table Web Conference

To all Aviation English experts,

During a virtual-round-table we will NOT be listening to a presentation
but engage in a learning conversation.

This is why we keep the virtual-round-table to a small group of experts
who are familiar with Henry's and Robert's works and who are using their
books in class.

Here at this discussion forum we can collaboratively work on some questions
which Henry can then read prior to the event so as to prepare himself
for an in-depth learning conversation.

What would you ask Henry?

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OK, I will be the first to submit a couple of questions...

"Hi Henry, I hope you are well.

As most users of your book will be primarily language experts rather than aviation professionals, I'd like to ask how much "input" from the teacher/trainer is desirable or necessary- in discussions, for example? Should we hold back or join in?

I feel it is important for pilots and controllers to understand the difference between "local" and "global" errors in their speech, but I find it tricky to know when to correct, especially if the speaker might feel that their authority is in question. (Yes, I am thinking about pilots!) Are you in favour of using controlled oral practice (choral/individual drilling) to work on errors which may be long-fossilized?"

OK, fellow participants, now it's your turn... :-)
Firstly I’d like to say how much I admire and respect the hard work that I know you (and also other dedicated aviation English trainers) have been doing to improve safety in the air. Tragically, there have been some terrible crashes in just the last few months that have reminded us all of how vitally important your work in aviation English training is. Thank you!

My question is this: What do you think of the rating scale that ICAO have issued for pilots and ATC staff? I ask this because, while generally speaking I approve of a CEF ‘can do’ statement approach to assessment , the ICAO statements seem wooly and unclear to me. When I write materials in other fields of ESP, I place a lot of value on genre analysis and conversational analysis. My impression is that some of that discipline might have been lacking in the way the ICAO statements are framed. So I wonder whether you think the scales need to be improved and if so, how.

Similarly, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you feel ICAO’s standards are being applied on an international basis, and whether you think there is room for improvement there too.

I hope to join this Friday’s event, but the room seems to be already packed with your fans! I look forward to watching the video if not.
Very warm wishes,
Vicki Hollett
Hello Henry,
I posted a message on yahoo groups for people who will be at work during the virtual round table with you but who do like to ask you some questions and I have the following e-mail from Brazil:

Hello Violeta,
I'm an ATCO in Brazil (also an Aviation English teacher) and unfortunately I'll be working at the moment of the meeting.
But I'd ask him when the next Aviation English book comes and what topics it will cover.
Does he plan on explore more about bird strike?
Is there any course for Aviation English teachers that he recommends?
Congratulations on the idea and thank you for the opportunity.
Best wishes.
André Luiz Teodoro
Hello Henry,
The more I think about LIVE ONLINE METHODOLOGY, the more I find similarities with AVIATION ENGLISH teaching.

Can you tell us more about the work that has been done so far in the area of blended learning for Aviation English teaching and what can be done in the future.

To what an extent do you use interactive multimedia resources in your everyday teaching of Aviation English? It would be good to hear about your best experiences.
What a fabulous event with a full house and participants from India, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Poland, Finland, UK, Bolivia and the United Arabic Emerates.


Rgds Heike

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