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Soundcloud for listening and writing practice

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Soundcloud is an audio web tool that allows users to upload various audio file types in order to enable listeners to have written conversations at any point during playback. This platform provides an ideal cross between receptive and productive skills practice. Given the right motivation and instruction, not only can students engage with a listening in class more autonomously than through conventional methods, but also participate in communal or individual writing activities related to audio easily and relevantly. In this presentation, I first introduce attendees to this valuable web tool and give suggestions about how its functionality can be adapted for classroom use. Once familiar, attendees are shown example ideas for activities applicable to different language levels. Finally, I will show concrete examples of how I’ve used this with my EAP students and what resulted from the activities. Throughout the presentation I will encourage participants to contribute ideas that come to them for their specific contexts.

Over a 15-year career, Tyson Seburn has been a teacher of many programs for many schools and Program Director for one as well as Manager of an industry book distributor. He is currently Director at Coursetree and an instructor in the International Foundation Program at University of Toronto. Avid tweeter and blogger, his current area of interest is purposeful integration of online technology in the classroom.

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Comment by Tyson Seburn on March 30, 2011 at 12:29am
Cool!  Now that I've read some of the chat box (which I couldn't pay much attention to during the actual session), to answer your questions about the animations, I just made them in Powerpoint and uploaded the .pptx file to Adobe's room and played it as I would anywhere, animations included.  The only thing that wasn't maintained was the transition between slides.
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