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PANEL DISCUSSION: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

Panel discussion
Fri 13 November 2009, 7pm GMT

Closing panel with 4 panelists who combine a total of more than a century of experience in language learning with technology.

Panelists (in alphabetical order):
Graham Davies
Ton Koenraad
Duane Sider
Vance Stevens

Graham Davies

Ton Koenraad

Duane Sider

Vance Stevens

About Duane Sider
Duane Sider, director of communications for Rosetta Stone Inc., is passionate about changing the way the world views language learning. In his role, Duane has introduced Rosetta Stone® solutions and the joy of the language-learning journey to a variety of audiences through numerous speaking engagements worldwide. Additionally, Duane has authored a number of articles and papers on immersion methodology in second-language acquisition. Duane joined the company's international operations in 1997, became director of learning in 2003, directing domestic and international training programs, and assumed his current responsibilities in 2008. Prior to joining Rosetta Stone, he taught literature, philosophy and aesthetics at the university level for 14 years. Throughout his career, Duane has traveled, performed and taught extensively throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, promoting international communication and advocating new technologies in education. Duane holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from Messiah College and a Master of Arts degree in the English literature from the Univesity of Virginia. He has written two plays, a collection of poetry and manages a theater company in Virginia.

About Vance Stevens
Vance Stevens teaches computing at Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi. After 20 years as lecturer in English language, doubling as CALL specialist and coordinator, he worked 2 years in ESL software development in California, then returned to the Middle East as educational technology consultant and CALL coordinator for a language institute in Abu Dhabi. There he founded the online community Webheads,, resulting in involvement in many community-based online professional development endeavors which have formed the basis of his professional development life this past decade. There's more about Vance at, and he blogs at

*** CLICK HERE for the 1h 20 min recording ***

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