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European Union language projects - resources for you; how to get involved

Thu 22 April 2010 10am GMT

The European Union Lifelong Learning Programme funds a huge programme of education projects every year, but what projects are being funded and how can you get involved?

This workshop will show you some past and ongoing language projects and the resources that have been produced and are now being

The basics of the programme will be discussed and, most importantly

how you can get involved in the projects I am involved in and also
other projects.

Joel Josephson
About Joel Josephson
Joel has been involved in the Internet and high tech since 1996 when he was a high tech consultant to companies and government. He has founded 3 Internet companies including the Kindersite Project an educational resource used for early language learning and used in 18,000 schools in 157 countries. Today Joel is involved in 14 EU funded education projects, mainly in the area of technology and languages. Apart from initiating some of the ideas for the projects he is the expert in carrying out Internet dissemination and communications using Web 1.0 and 2.0 channels. Joel has a further 4 proposals in the EU pipeline.

*** Please CLICK HERE for a 32 min recording of the event ***

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