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aPLaNet Conference - Social networks – can we develop without them?

aPLaNet Conference - Social networks – can we develop without them? 

At : Yedetipe University, Istanbul, Turkey
On : Saturday 22ndSeptember 2012


The European Union aPLaNet project final conference will be taking place on Saturday 22nd September 2012, at Yeditepe University, Istanbul. You can register at:



It will feature:

    Exciting plenary presentations by some of the leading figures in European language learning

    Stimulating concurrent keynotes of European projects

    Academic papers

    A wide-variety of interesting and stimulating workshops on the use of social networks and Web2.0 tools as tools of teacher professional development.


Plus sessions, workshops and plenary about the aPLaNet project itself and how you can use its resources, presented by the aPLaNet partnership.


The plenary sessions will also be Live streamed over the Internet. There will be a page called, 'Watch the Conference Online'.

About aPLaNet

The aPLaNet is a European Union funded project to help language educators who are not yet using social networks to understand:

    What are social networks for language educators?

    Why they should use them?

    How they can get involved?


The project will help you join and use Internet Personal Learning Networks (PLN) on social networks (SNs).


aPLaNet Website :

aPLaNet Ning community:

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