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Vicki Hollett has left a question on our discussion forum, she is the author of TechTalk and other business English books and although it is a bit long question, I am going to read the whole lot: What do you think Henry, about the rating scale that the International Civil Aviation Organisation have issued for pilots and airtraffic controller staff? I ask this because while generally speaking I approve of the Common European Framework of Reference Can-do statements approach the International Civil Organisation statement seem unclear to me. When I write material I place a lot of value on genre analysis and conversational analysis, my impression is that some of that disciplin might have been lacking in the way the International Aviation Organisation statement are framed. So I wonder whether you think the scales need to be improved and if so how? (Part 2) Similarily I would like to know hear your thoughts on how the International Civil Organisation standards are being applied on an international basis and whether you think that there is room for improvement there too.

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Comment by Vicki Hollett on July 30, 2009 at 3:17am
I was so sorry to have missed this event – and I’m so glad that I’ve been able to watch it all now. Thank you Henry, and everyone at Lancelot, for making this happen.

Henry, thank you also for addressing my question so thoroughly. I think the work you’re doing in aviation English training is so important and I’m full of admiration. It’s been great to be able to learn more about what’s happening as the race towards 2011 continues and to get all these interesting links. I’ve often had the feeling that aviation training is ahead of the curve in many ways and you’ve confirmed it for me.
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