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Not Just a Pretty Cloud: Using Wordle in the Language Learning Classroom

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This session will demonstrate ways to use Wordle as a teaching and learning tool beyond merely creating an attractive ‘word cloud’. Ideas for a range of activities and language skills will be presented such as introducing new vocabulary topics, previewing a text and making predictions, reviewing a text for reconstruction purposes as well as providing prompts for speaking and writing tasks. Using word clouds for analysing texts, both authentic and student-generated, will also be discussed with emphasis on how this is useful for dtermining the focus and/or bias of the text as well as the range of vocabulary. All of these activities can easily be integrated into lessons with different types of learner and ability groups.

About David Dodgson
David Dodgson has worked as an English language teacher for over 10 years. After three years teaching adults, he started to work with young learners and currently works in the 4th grade at a private college in Turkey. At present, he is studying towards an MA in Educational Technology and TESOL with the University of Manchester. His interests include learner autonomy, effective use of technology in the classroom and professional development for language teachers.

You can follow David on Twitter (@DaveDodgson) and view his blog, Reflections of a Teacher and Learner.

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