Virtual Round Table Web Conference

How do I attend the 10th Virtual Round Table Web Conference and the 9th vLanguages Annual Symposium?

Do I need to register to attend?

No registration is not required for this web conference, however if you would like to receive emails as reminders for future events, then we ask you to sign up on this website

How do I get to the live session?

Enter the room using the link in your scheduled event. Once you have entered you can rename your name to add the country you are joining from. Please note a waiting room is in place. 

Livestream on YouTube, facebook and NING

If the room is full (100 capacity), then you can watch the livestream on YouTube under the following address. 

Click here to view the YouTube livestream

Bandwidth requirement are very low

You need a minimum of 1 Mbps download and 0,2 Mbps upload to attend. 

You can test your connection speed with the following tool

If you have less than this, best is to use the Zoom Cloud meeting app on your mobile device.

Did you miss any of the sessions?
All of the sessions are recorded and available on our YouTube channel as links in the program.

***Additional information

Twitter hashtag
The Twitter hashtag is #vrtwebcon. You can search for this expression (#vrtwebcon) on Twitter and Twitter will display all of the messages with this hashtag.

Conference program

The conference program can be found under the tab [Program]

Livestream (great in case of audio problems)

All of the keynotes will be livestreamed. This is the link to the [Livestream]. 

What can I do if a session is full?
The Zoom room has a restricted capacity (300) and it is advisable to come early during the break. If you can not enter, please watch the livestream. 

Facebook Livestream

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