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LBT is pleased to offer 5 copies of software for learning English (available for Chinese or Spanish or Russian speakers) to EFL teachers interested in field testing the new teaching paradigm. This software could be installed on any PC and used as self-study application and private or public online or offline classes. To become efficient learners adults need an application for learning EFL as a skill on subconscious and conscious levels. The software is especially useful in case of blended learning that eliminates negative effects of prior language-learning experience and restores the innate ability to learn a new language by turning off cross-translation from and into native language.

To receive free copies write to and use code RTDFREEBIES.

Value: Each copy of software is worth $ 149 / $ 745 US in total



let's talk online sprl is pleased to offer a one day seminar in Second Life on how to create videos for language learning conversations.

This inworld workshop includes

  • story boarding and preparations for shootings
  • recording and camera control
  • post production and editing
  • publishing
Value: A one-day seminar in Second life is worth 130€ / $160 US


iTDi is pleased to offer a professional development opportunity to 10 in-service teachers interested in improving their classroom teaching through methodology and mentoring.

Teacher Development Course
The iTDi experience will change your teaching life. One of the most motivating things you can do for your students and for yourself is to continue to improve your classroom teaching skills. The Teacher Development (TD) course has exactly what teachers need: a focus on developing skills in the classroom guided by experts and a collaborative community of teachers to share ideas with. Lessons are written by methodology experts and veteran teachers Scott Thornbury, Adrian Doff and Steven Herder.

Value: Each lesson is worth 9€ / $12 US for a total of 90€ / $120 US


English360 prize for one VRT participant
A special "360" offer - access English360 for 3 months with  6 learners* at 0 cost.
3 months - 6 learners - 0 cost
* note: educator accounts are always free.


Gapfillers is an award-winning E-learning site designed for self-study and aimed at advanced learners of English.
With 5,000+ exercises all indexed according to topic or skill it is easy to find exercises to address those gaps in language competence that need some attention.
Fill time-gaps too by accessing the site on your mobile phone or PDA.
Materials are authentic which makes Gapfillers ideal for preparation for higher level English exams or boosting your language for work.
Teachers: ready-made high-level exercises to assign for homework or use in the classroom on an interactive whiteboard or student computers.

  • Skills exercises
  • Community area
  • Interactive games and exercises

Gapfillers is pleased to offer 10 annual subscriptions each worth £50
Gapfillers -A place to hang out in English


Exam English offers 2 free versions of each of the following iPhone/IPod/iPad applications:

IELTS Listening Practice

IELTS Reading Practice (iPad only)

TOEIC Listening

TOEIC Reading Practice

English Grammar Practice

The versions are accessed by codes which expire after one year. For more details see here:

Exam English

Free Practice Tests for Learners of English



The Virtual Round Table Web Conference is free of charge and one of the reasons we are doing this is because of the various currencies and exchange rates around the world which would stop some teachers to join simply because they happen to be working or living in a developing country.

Whilst the conference is free of charge but it is not free of costs

Thank you for your donations to keep this awesome conference going.

  • ”EnglishCentral:
  • LinguaTV
  • Lingorilla
  • Centre for English Language & Training
  • English 360
  • Exam English

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