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The Virtual Round Table Conference was nominated for the Edublog Award

Dear all supporters of the Virtual Round Table,

With great joy have we seen that we got nominated for the award and shortlisted in the category "Best educational use of virtual worlds".

Voting is possible until the 16th of December 2009. This is a little short notice but perhaps worth a shot.

There are many more categories and fantastic work by educators to choose from. Please take your time to browse through them. To vote for any of the categories you must click on the categories, not on the actually links to the blogs.

Maybe I was a little thick that day but it took me a while to find out how to vote, this is why I am sharing this in detail.

Rgds Heike

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Hi Heike and everyone!

My Congratulations! You deserve this!

With warmest regards,
Nina Lyulkun
Thanks, Nina, for your warm commendations.
Did you see that we got first runner up? Wow! I'm blown away! Thanks to everyone who voted for this event.

1st runner up, I have just seen it.

Stupid question I believe, but what is a 1st runner up?

Rgds Heike
It means we came in 2nd place--kind of like the silver medal in the olympics! Which is not as good as 1st, but still better than 3rd...

It was an honor to get nominated and also an honor to be the runner up!

Thanks to all who voted!

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